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Before joining Peninsula, I worked in many hotels, bakeries and restaurants. With split shifts six days a week, there isn't a great deal of work-life balance as a chef! I started to look for something different and spotted a position at Cornerways, which offered the work-life balance I wanted, my own kitchen and a whole new challenge.

This has allowed me to live life to the full: I have become a father twice over, qualified as an accountant, travelled Australia and ran many, many marathons. I've also loved making a positive difference to every resident's dining experience.

My goal is to provide nutritious, delicious and eye-pleasing meals, as well as providing dysphasia texture-modified foods which are just as tasty, wholesome and well presented. I create menus that cater for everyone, including vegetarians (twisted macaroni crumble is a firm favourite) and those with allergies (my daughter's favourite is my homemade gluten-free triple chocolate brownies!) I love big sporting occasions, celebrating with fun menus, such as 'French fancies vs cream tea' for the upcoming Euro 2021 finals and, of course, simple strawberries and cream for Wimbledon. There is always something going on.

Being part of the residents' lives, listening to their stories and celebrating birthdays, Christmas and even the football with them gives me a great sense of fulfilment in my work.