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Our values

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Our vision is to provide exceptional care to individuals who live and work within our homes. 

We have a mission to offer companionship and freedom of choice, ensure daily life is filled with kindness, love, fun and laughter. We will invest in people and enable them to reach their career aspirations. We will grow as a business by going above and beyond, ensuring quality care is always maintained.  

Our values as a business are CARE:


  • Love what we do and why we do it
  • Be positive and full of energy
  • Celebrate success and make life enjoyable and fun for all 


  • To be open to new ideas, always listening and respecting other people’s views
  • To invest in people and encourage lifelong learning 
  • To be part of the communities in which we live 


  • To be genuine and true to self 
  • Take ownership, learning from mistakes and always be responsible 
  • Run a profitable company so we are able to grow and invest 


  • Treat all people with respect and kindness
  • To work together to provide a home from home environment filled with warmth, laughter and love 
  • Recognise each individual’s wishes, preferences and ensure their life is still their choice